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The History of Acocks Green Lions: 

Keith Prescott was originally a member of Sheldon Lions.

He was a Lion there for about three years.

Due to other commitments, he found that he could no longer attend the club meetings.  


Keen to continue as a Lion it was agreed that he would form his own club which would meet on a  different night to Sheldon.

At the time Sheldon also covered the Acocks Green area so boundaries were established and the new club was to serve the Acocks Green area.

Being in Insurance he canvassed all the reps who called on him and his associates soon got the required minimum number of men to form a new club, of twenty.

Acocks Green Lions was granted its Charter in 1979, among those first twenty charter members were Roy Tucker and John Garfield, who remain active members to this day in Acocks Green Lions.

Acocks Green Lions
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