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David 2020

David, became a lion in  2012 like our founder Keith his father. David has been President and is a very active member of the club.


Sara, has been a proud Lion since 2014, she is currently our Treasurer, Activities Chairperson and Club Admin and is also responsible for Region B for club development. She has held various roles at both club level and for the District.






Doreen is the mother of our club caring for us all. She is our Bingo Queen at events. a very active lion

Barry, joined Lions in 2004, although he has health issues he actively supports the club.



Keith is our founder member and chartered our club in 1979. He joined Lions in 1975.          He has held various roles in our club and the district and is proud to have been awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship.

He is our membership officer



Matt, joined lions in 2011, he is our quiz writer and a valued member of the club.


Cat , joined us in 2020, she is our youngest member and is great at IT and stepping into the lion costume which makes many young people very happy.



Peter , joined Lions in 1993, he has been President the most in the club as well as Secretary too. He is a much valued member of the club.

Penny, has been a Lion since 2014, she is our link to Food Banks and Birmingham City Council.


Monica , has been a Lion since 2007 , she is an active member of Acocks Green Lions 


Michael is our newest member of Acocks Green Lions joining in 2020 and is passionate about the environment


Gloria, has been a lion since 2009, she is our club President and our quiz marker and a integral part of the club 




Maria joined lions in 2019, as a retired nurse she soon showed her caring nature to the club. She is our leader for Brain Tumour research.


Beth, joined Lions in 2006, she has held various roles within the club. She is our champion of Message in a Bottle and Hamper co-ordinator. She is very organised which helps the club immensely.  

Acocks Green Lions


 Steph joined Lions in 2018. She has assisted in collecting Spectacles from local opticians.              She started our litter picking group too.               A much valued member of the club,

John, has been a member since 2004, he was the community Chairperson for many years. He is a very supportive member of the club.

John HA_edited_edited.jpg

John H


Terry, has been a Lion since 2006. She has been President, Activities chairperson and Life Skills officer for the District.

Terry's creative skills mean we often have new outfits and games for carnivals and events.

Often described as a all round Good EGG. 



Halyna, joined Lions in 1999, she has held various roles both at Club and District level. She has transferred to our club from Burnham Lions and we are very lucky to have her join us. She is our community chairperson.


About Me

  Iain, Tranferred to us from Burham Lions where he had founded Message in a bottle and held 

Iain, joined Burnham Lions in 1999, He held many roles with the club and District. He has transferred to our club.

He has been awarded the Melvin Jones fellowship. He is our secretary this year.


 Kevin joined lions in 2006.  He is our Sound engineer and his moto is Have fun. He is a very valued member of the club.


 John G

John joined lions in 1979, he was on of our charter members. He is Mr Christmas,organising our sleigh runs. He also organises a golf social every year. He is also a mad Wolves fan and holds the Melvin Jones Fellowship award. 


Roy, joined Lions in 1979 as a charter member.

He is a much valued member of the club and holds the Melvin Jones fellowship award for his services to lions.

We Serve
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