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 Business  Meeting 14th November


Santa and his Sleigh.


Tuesday 5th December— 6.00 —8.00, 
Hazelwood Road, Green Acres, Willows, Hazeltree Croft, Shirley Road, Olton Boulevard East.

Saturday 9th December - Boots in Acocks Green. 9.30/3.30
Tuesday 12th December— 6.00 —8.00 
Briarfield Rd, Sunningdale Rd, Ferndene Rd, Holcombe Rd, Wetherfield Rd, Walden Rd, Yarnfield Rd. 

Wednesday 13th December  -5.30 - 8.00
Arden Road, Greswolde Park Rd, Avery Drive, Oxford Road.

Thursday 14th December  5.30— 8.00 
Severne Road, Nailstone Crescent.

Saturday 16th December - Boots in Acocks Green.9.30/3.30 

Sunday 17th December  - Morrisons.

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